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The Wow Factor

Nov 25, 2020

Bob Westfall founded Westfall Gold in 2002 to help his clients fund transformational impact around the world, and to date, the team has guided universities, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations to raise over $1 billion. He is the author of two motivational books, The Fulfillment Principle and The Courage Factor, an accredited Association of Fundraising Professionals Master Trainer, and an expert in the field of major donor fundraising. Bob also serves as a Director of The Giving Institute, where he shares his experience in donor development, and in his spare time, Bob spends time with his wife and family or occasionally on the tennis court or the golf course.


Bob joins me today to share his journey from part-time night manager at Taco Bell to the youngest General Manager in the franchise and from there to his role as a major donor specialist committed to using his talents to benefit others. He discusses the events that ‘flipped the picture’ and turned donor development into an abiding passion and calling. Bob also explores the philosophy of sharing our skills and knowledge as widely as possible for the good of the wider society and why he feels that a well-stewarded talent is critical in serving your community


“Humility trumps all - the leaders who are the most humble are the most effective” - Bob Westfall


This week on The Wow Factor:

  • How Bob’s traumatic early teens turned him into an entrepreneur early on in life
  • Why Bob moved into the world of sales, then formed his own traveling photography business company
  • How Bob found Walk Thru the Bible and why he was so passionate about working for them
  • Why Bob was reluctant to go into marketing initially, and what changed his mind
  • How prayer helps Bob when it comes to making significant life decisions
  • Walk Thru the Bible’s mission in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union and why it became so important to raise funds to further their process
  • The innovative way that Bob raised funds and why people initially resisted
  • When and why Bob left a dream job to start the Westfall Group and how he knew that he had made the right decision
  • Moments when Bob’s faith was stretched and why he often feels the presence of the Lord in testing times
  • The unique core value of the givers in this world that Bob sees in his work


Bob Westfall’s Words of Wisdom:

Good solid communication is the cornerstone of a relationship. A leader should be someone who is authentic and genuine and seeks to understand others as they move forward with their message.


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