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The Wow Factor

Oct 5, 2022

Fadi has worked in the payment processing industry for more than 30 years. Fadi and his wife Kim formed Electronic Cash Systems (ECS) in September 1997, then the US Alliance Group, Inc. was formed in 2007 to offer multiple payment platforms across the US. Fadi and Kim founded the non-profit organization Aiden Whisper in October of 2017 as an avenue to give 100% of all donations raised to deserving causes.


Joining us on The Wow Factor this week is Fadi Cheikha, who talks all about how his childhood in Beiruit shaped his character as a persistent and creative leader passionate about helping those around him move forward in life. He shares the innovative way he got his first job in the finance industry and how it eventually led to him and his wife starting their own financial services company. Fadi and I also discuss his faith, how it manifests in his business, and why it led him and his wife to create a foundation that inspires people to give generously of both money and time.


“Generosity is not about money only. It's about time, and it’s about giving and watering the seed that you have.” - Fadi Cheikha


“If you are dreaming big and sometimes that dream scares you, you're not dreaming big enough.” - Fadi Cheikha


“You learn from your past, you dream in the future, and you live in the moment.” - Fadi Cheikha


This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Why Fadi decided to come from Lebanon to the USA after his undergraduate degree
  • Fadi’s first job in a gas station and how he worked his way up to the general manager of 16 furniture stores by the age of 22
  • Why Fadi was prompted to move on from the furniture stores by the start of the first Iraq War
  • When Kim, Fadi’s wife, opened a company selling ATMs and how she persuaded Fadi to join her in building their own company
  • What Fadi has found from a leadership standpoint that he looks back on as key drivers that helped their business grow
  • The five fundamental principles that Fadi and USAG adhere to, including generosity
  • Why Fadi believes that it’s so hard for people to dream big, and why it’s essential to grow into the realization of what God truly has in store for you
  • How Aiden Whisper began and why he is so committed to helping others, allowing his employees the opportunity to serve, and living generously
  • The importance of honesty, transparency, and forgiveness in the USAG company culture


Fadi Cheikha’s Word of Wisdom:

Know your gifts, live your life according to those gifts, and do not pretend to be somebody you are not.


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