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The Wow Factor

Oct 20, 2021

In 1970, Co-Founders Michael Cardone Sr., and Michael Cardone Jr. and their wives, Frances and Jacquie, opened Cardone Industries in a North Philadelphia storefront. Each member of the six-person team was staking their livelihood and reputation on their ability to rebuild windshield wiper motors. Most in the automotive industry called it an impossible idea. But by 1987, Cardone Industries was employing a Factory Family of 1,000, and the company continues to go from strength to strength. By year 2000, they had 5,000 employees.


Michael, Jr. joins me on The Wow Factor this week to share why he is so confident that the overarching reason for his success is that he has committed his life and his business to God. He shares why he took an uncertain leap into entrepreneurship immediately after graduating from University and outlines some of the challenges he faced along the way. Michael and I also discuss why it’s easier to give when you don't have a lot to offer and a lot harder to give when you have more.


"You're in the business of ministry. You're just as important in God's kingdom being a minister. He needs businessmen.” - Michael Cardone Jr.


“We love to develop people, take people with not very much on their resume, but see what God had planted them and develop those skills. And many of those people grew into senior leaders in our business..” - Michael Cardone Jr.


“We always prayed for opportunities that God would give us - opportunities in the business, opportunities for ministry, and then bring us the people to help us accomplish those opportunities.” - Michael Cardone Jr.


 This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Early struggles that Michael had when growing the business
  • What Cardone Industries did to move successfully past the fire that burned their whole building down
  • Why Michael didn't see any division between his spiritual walk, his business walk, faith walk, or family
  • Some examples of times when God provided opportunities for Michael and his business
  • How Cardone Industries give back to their community
  • How Michael brought serving and faith into the business with his Take Five initiative and how his employees received it
  • The principles of servant leadership and how they made their assets more productive and more useful


Michael Cardone’s Words of Wisdom:

I'm a servant leader and a steward of the wealth that God's given me — you’ve got to be ready to give your business to God and commit your life to him.


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