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The Wow Factor

Oct 26, 2022

The Hord family is in its 5th generation of family farming, with over 100 years of farming heritage. Located in North-central Ohio, Hord Livestock and Family Farms is a pig, cow, and grain farm. Their team of talented individuals and growing partners strive to raise our animals with care and utilize modern and advanced farming practices to be efficient and sustainable. Professionally, Pat serves as President of Hord Family Farms, and outside of the business, he also serves on several advisory committees for non-profit organizations and is actively involved in the county and local economic development initiatives.


Pat Hord is on the podcast this week to discuss how Hord Family Farms changed as it moved from one generation to the next and the importance of appreciating that each new steward of the business has to have ownership of their own initiatives. We also explore how Pat’s relationship with God informs his role as a leader and supports him in empowering his people to achieve. Pat also describes Hord Family Farms’ vision of their culture as being like a tree that exemplifies their company's mission and vision.


“We as leaders really need to listen.” - Pat Hord


“Our relationship with Christ is the ultimate identity that we need to have.” - Pat Hord


“Each one of us as children of God is supposed to use what He's given us.” - Pat Hord


This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • What Pat learned from tagging along behind his grandfather as a child on the farm
  • Why Pat is committed to being a lifelong learner
  • The devastating event that triggered a change in Pat’s relationship with God
  • The idea of stewardship and why it’s so important to understand how to protect your business for the future
  • Why Pat views his leadership through the lens of being a follower of Jesus
  • How the National Christian Foundation has helped Pat get another perspective on what it is to be generous and how it plays out in his business today
  • The Hord Family Farms company culture and why the qualities of trust and innovation are a critical part of bringing people onto the team
  • Why Pat looks for people who are empowering other people
  • How Pat became involved with the Lifewise Academy and how they provide Bible-based character education in public schools
  • Where listeners can taste a Hord Family Farm pork chop


Pat Hord’s Word of Wisdom:

In our very noisy world today, there are so many things coming at us, so to really value somebody enough to listen and actively listen to what they're saying is invaluable in a leader.


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