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The Wow Factor

Dec 16, 2020

Phil Nicaud is the founder of Legendary Leadership Consultants, which he started to assist organizational leaders who want to experience success in every area of their lives. After serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, Phil developed and founded many businesses from restaurants to real estate, and served as a Senior Executive in a growing oil and gas company before founding his current business. Phil is also a keynote speaker, who inspires transformation through his talks on intentional living and leadership, and his commitment to serving others.


Phil joins me today to share a little of his experience in the US Marine Corps, what it taught him and how his time as a Marine impacted his leadership style. He discusses the concepts of personal power and positional power and how understanding the difference helps aspiring leaders attain clarity on their direction. Phil also gives us the details on his upcoming book, Our Secret Life, how he was inspired by his clients and their stories, and what readers can learn about honing focus as a leader.


  • “You have to earn the power, and the right to lead, guide and influence people." - Phil Nicaud
  • “Grit is good, push through is good, but grace is better." - Phil Nicaud
  • "You’ve got to develop a leadership strategy and picture the faces and names of the people you need to lead and how you’re going to win their hearts and earn that right to lead." - Phil Nicaud


This week on The Wow Factor:

  • How being part of a hardworking family living in New Orleans in the 1970s influenced Phil throughout his life
  • What Phil learned from his high school coach and how he inspired him to find a vision for his life
  • Phil’s experience as an entrepreneur and why he was so motivated to succeed after leaving the Marine Corps
  • Phil’s experience in the restaurant business and the reason he threw away an amazing opportunity to expand his business
  • The struggles of finding a work-life balance and how Phil finally found equilibrium
  • Hurricane Katrina and the impact on Phil's business, family, and community
  • Phil's servant mindset and how he uses it in his business
  • How Legendary Leadership Consultants was born and how he grew it to a national business


Phil Nicaud’s Words of Wisdom:

The genesis of grit is the desire to push forward, but as a leader, you can’t stay in that state too long without falling victim to anxiety and adrenaline. Leaders need to learn to be more rested and peaceful and work towards finding their calm and stillness in order to serve others.


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