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The Wow Factor

Nov 4, 2020

Rodney Cox founded Ministry Insights International in 2001 to bring personality assessment tools and transformational relationship principles to more than 400,000 church leaders, teams, and married couples worldwide. He is the author of Leading From Your Strengths, Love and Money, Different By Design, which aim to support you in identifying and using your unique skills. He also serves in a Principal capacity at Alliance Ministries in Birmingham, Alabama, where they equip, encourage, and engage believers, connecting their passions and abilities to God’s call on their lives to transform the world.


Learn today how Rodney began to see God’s design for differences, then start to understand how unconscious human behavior can positively or negatively impact critical human relationships. He discusses the idea of conflict and why what we do in the midst of conflict is so vital and his philosophy that it is in the place of mutual submission that you’ll find the safest place of rest and the greatest peace when you lean in instead of walling each other off and judging one another. Rodney also shares the three central principles of leading from your strengths and how they can work to empower leaders to discover their God-given strengths.


“You can have all the leadership acumen in the world, but if you don't have relationships, you don't have anything.” - Rodney Cox


This week on The Wow Factor:

  • Why Rodney chose not to go to college but get married instead and why that decision led to long term success
  • How he got started in business and the journey that saw him go from diesel mechanic to Snap On Tools Top 100 Franchisee
  • Why the death of his brother was Rodney’s personal Road to Damascus
  • Why Rodney started personality profiling after advice from his Sunday School teacher
  • The three groups of people Rodney helps with his business Ministry Insights International
  • What Rodney does when he encounters relationships in which it proves challenging to find harmony
  • The importance of humility in leadership
  • How he works with Pastors and church leaders to build close-knit teams
  • The key ingredients to a healthy relational transformation
  • Why he thinks it's so important to focus on your strengths and work with others to supplement and support your personal strengths


Rodney Cox’s Words of Wisdom:

We’re all leaders, but we should make sure not to esteem ourselves higher than we should. Remember that although you bring something unique to the table, you need others to bring their strengths too.


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