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The Wow Factor

Oct 19, 2022

Scott is the President and CEO of National Nail. After a successful career with Arthur Andersen, where he rose to the level of Consulting Partner. Scott has led the transformation of National Nail from a regional building material distributor to a global brand manufacturer of patented building products. CAMO, Stinger, and Pro-Fit are now leading and asked for fastening brands offered at major retailers, independent dealers, and roofing wholesalers alike. He is a co-founder of His Barn Ministries, a ministry focused on developing men to address the fathering challenge facing our nation and our community.


On The Wow Factor this week, Scott shares his insights on the seven ways of living generously at work and beyond. He shares the eight key character traits of National Nail Corporation, where they came from, and how the team ensures that the people in their company model those qualities. Scott also reveals why nearly 20% of the National Nail Corporation employees are millionaires and how the company supports them to successfully manage their money and prepare for retirement.


“I knew one day, I wanted to lead and build something from the inside.” - Scott Baker


“Undisciplined people don't make very good co-workers.” - Scott Baker


“Courage is one of our traits, and we define it as the willingness to do the difficult - known and unknown.” - Scott Baker


This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Scott’s journey from partner at Arthur Anderson to President and CEO at the National Nail Corporation
  • Personal circumstances that meant Scott needed to take a step back from his role at Arthur Anderson and why he needed to take the financial and ego hit
  • Why Arthur Anderson was an excellent place for Scott to study various different leadership styles
  • How Scott became close to Jesus Christ during a challenging period in his life
  • Why Scott is always sympathetic to people going through change
  • How the National Nail Corporation has changed since Scott came on board and how much their profits have increased over the years
  • Why it’s so important to Scott that National Nail Corporation is 100% employee-owned
  • The four cornerstones of the company and how they were decided on
  • What happens to the employee shares when they retire and how National Nail Corporation sets them up with regular financial advice, so they know how to manage their money in the best way
  • How Scott’s experience as a cancer survivor taught him a lot about himself
  • Why Scott decided to spark extra joy in the giving of his employees by giving them $2500 each to give to others


Scott Baker’s Word of Wisdom:

The phrase “I believe in you” is so valuable. Those words “I believe in you” can be life-changing if you back it up with your time investment in a young person.


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