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The Wow Factor

Oct 13, 2021

As Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Allied Universal®, Steve Jones presides over Allied Universal companies and their respective divisions. Under his leadership, Allied Universal has grown from $12 million in revenue to more than $18 billion with more than 800,000 employees and has acquired over 75 companies. Recently, Allied Universal has joined forces with its largest competitor— London-based global security company G4S. Steve’s vision for Allied Universal became a reality as his company is now a global leader in integrated security solutions, offering clients manned guarding and highly advanced technology. Jones is the author of “No Off Season” -- a story of his path to success and the priceless wisdom gained along the way.


Steve joins me on the podcast this week to discuss the importance of leaders having a clear vision for the future of their business. We dive into what it means to dream big in life and understand that you won’t achieve those goals by resting on your laurels; you have to commit to the dream and plan your route to fulfilling it. Steve also shares the cornerstones of his company’s culture, how he mentors his employees and clues us in to why he loves to employ former athletes at Allied Universal.


“You've got to have the mental toughness to get through the highs and the lows.” - Steve Jones


“We're trying to share the success of the organization among our employees that hopefully creates loyalty and retention.” Steve Jones


"Don't be afraid to dream big." - Steve Jones


 This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Steve’s childhood ventures into entrepreneurship
  • Why Steve left the security and safety of a 9-5 job to follow a dream
  • Why Steve is more inclined to hire people who are athletes at some level just because of their particular mindset
  • How Steve worked to build Allied Universal piece by piece and why he always had a clear vision for the future
  • How to pull together great people and build a team that can work together to fulfill your mission
  • Why Steve was inspired to write his book, No Off Season, and the lessons that he hopes readers will take from it
  • How Steve powers down and relaxes and refreshes
  • How Steve has protected the company culture as they have grown over the years and why it remains so important to him as a leader


Steve Jones’s Words of Wisdom:

Don't be afraid to dream big — put a plan together and take action to achieve your goals.


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