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The Wow Factor

Dec 2, 2020

Doug DeVos co-chairs the Board of Directors of Amway, having previously served as president of one of the world’s leading direct selling companies for more than 16 years. He has served as an industry specialist in various roles, including Chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and Chairman of the U.S. Direct Selling Association, and in 2009 was recognized for his outstanding service with the Direct Selling Education Foundation’s Circle of Honor award. Doug and his wife established their charitable foundation Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation, in 1992 and remain active supporters of causes that center around families and education.


Doug joins me today to explore the importance of modeling positive practices for leadership and shares what he learned from his family that helped him put habits learned in childhood and adolescence into practice in the professional arena. He considers some of Amway’s setbacks and successes and why it's essential to reflect on the setbacks as well as celebrate the achievements. Doug also discusses what he and Steve Van Andel did differently as Co-CEOs to their fathers and Amway founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel and how they found a path to productive collaboration through understanding one another.


“Work is not a burden or a chore; it’s an opportunity to be productive.” - Doug DeVos

“Find your path forward and take the next step.” - Doug DeVos

 “A leader doesn’t stop learning, or challenging their people to keep learning” - Brad Formsma


This week on The Wow Factor:

  • Doug’s rural upbringing and fantastic relationship with a father who balanced his home and work-life
  • Why volunteering as a great way to engage with and give back to a community
  • Doug’s valuable experience of working in different parts of the Amway in the US and Overseas
  • The importance of finding the right words to inspire your team to move forward
  • The story of how Amway got caught in some political crossfire which stalled them for several months abroad
  • Why Doug sees persistence as a critical leadership trait
  • The ways in which sailing and leadership principles overlap and why trust is at the center of both of them
  • The collaborative nature of Doug’s work at the National Constitution Centre


Doug DeVos’ Words of Wisdom:

Understanding your purpose is the key to getting started down your path. As a leader, you are the one who needs to make critical decisions and take the initial step to achieving your goals.


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