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The Wow Factor

Oct 27, 2021

Mark Danzo, chemist, and founder of Maverix Solutions, Inc., created Mavcoat(registration mark symbol) mold release coatings, which are critical to manufacturing processes worldwide. He also created Mavcoat(registration mark symbol) Steel Shield, an extreme corrosion prevention coating that waterproofs untreated metal for the consumer market. Maverix Solutions was established in 1999 and quickly became recognized for novel technologies that revolutionized mold release performance. The increased thermal performance that Mavcoat® provides has yielded approvals from the Navy, Air Force, and other critical aerospace, defense, medical and marine agencies.


Mark joins us on the Wow Factor today to discuss his career trajectory and the roles that led him down the entrepreneurial path to start his own business. He shares why he made a conscious decision to pursue opportunity rather than financial security in his choice of job roles. Mark also describes how his opinion on managing a team has pivoted and why he embraces team members who follow their instincts.


“I knew I had found that thing, that fulfillment that I’d been searching for all my life and it was a great company, great people… it really taught me how to get in front of a customer, make promises, deliver on those promises and grow the building blocks.” - Mark Danzo


“I named the company Maverick solutions because it is an attitude, and a business style and a leadership style that I wanted to, you know, bleed and breathe. And I wanted everybody around me to have that belief in that culture.” - Mark Danzo


“Today’s an adventure. Take risks, create opportunity, and enjoy the fruits of success.” - Mark Danzo


This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Mark’s adventurous childhood and how it triggered his salesmanship skills
  • Why having discipline was essential in Mark’s family
  • Why Mark’s early experience as a teacher’s aide helped him learn how to build bridges later in life
  • The job that led to Mark publishing a paper that now sits in the Library of Congress
  • Why Mark turned down a job at Exxon in favor of a different opportunity
  • Some of the Important mentors in Mark’s life
  • The revelation Mark had while he was getting his MBA
  • How Mark discovered that he was not cut out to be a corporate guy
  • How his wife inspired him to start his own company


Mark Danzo’s Words of Wisdom:

Treat your life as an adventure — be bulldog persistent, learn to take risks and create opportunities, then enjoy the success that stems from your actions.


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